My story is relatively simple. I love exploring the underwater ds_profileworld, spend a lot of time and energy creating images of it, and enjoy sharing them. At times these images are commercial, though for the most part they are an expression of my passion & interests.

I enjoy all aspects of diving and have spent years taking pictures of critters, fish, shipwrecks and all manner of underwater eco-systems. Living in Sydney affords me a lot of flexibility with regard to what I choose to dive, though in more recent years I’ve been focusing a lot on the shipwrecks and deep diving on the East coast of Australia. I’m also an avid cave diver, having dived extensively in caves of the Florida and Mexico.

With a very talented group of friends, I’ve been fortunate enough to be involved in the discovery of several new shipwrecks including MV Fairwind, SS Federal, MV Limerick, ex-HMAS Pioneer and Andreas’ Wreck. Our exploration efforts continue, and we hope to share more discoveries with you in the near future.

With a background in information technology, which I’ve reduced to a part-time venture, I spend most of my time taking photos or working on initiatives that support that end. My primary objectives are centred around underwater exploration projects, but when I can’t be doing that, building custom lighting solutions, producing visual and written content, and tinkering with rebreathers are amongst some of my other activities.

I’m lucky enough to have some of the best kit in the world at my disposal. Key pieces of the gear I use are listed below.