Shearwater Petrel

I posted a review mini review of the Shearwater Predator on my old site. Unfortunately that’s gone now, but I’ll sum it up by saying that my opinion of the Predator and Shearwater Research as a company is very high. My Predator, which began life as a Pursuit and was upgraded, works like a charm. Warranty and support from the factory and their distributed service team is also excellent.

I noticed this morning that they have just released a new stand alone computer, the Shearwarter Petrel. I’ve not seen one in the flesh yet, but they look great. The reduction in size and ability to run of a normal AA batteries is a big plus in my book. No doubt the model is designed at attacking the competition’s with the LiquiVision Xeo and Heinrich Weingkamp’s OSTC 2N; both also very good looking computers.